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How real estates agents and home builders are cheating themselves and their customers

What inspired me to write this post is the fact that I am currently in the market for our second home and I have been turned off by the images on homebuilder, and real estates agents pages. People are literally taking real estates images with their cell phones. Really? How do those images make someone feel like they want to be there? They don't and a good example of this is what happened to me why I separated the active duty Air Force and took a commission in the Army Reserves.

Once we arrived from South Korea in 2015, we knew very little about the housing market in Houston because we had been out of the country for 15 years. We were literally overwhelmed by Houston's dynamic housing market. There were (and still is) so many choices. After weeks of looking, I almost gave up. However, I was on my way home one day and my sister-in-law texted me a community by one of the bigger home builders. She said that it had all I wanted but I could not tell from the cell phone taken photos on the site. The images were dark and there was no way I could tell how wide the rooms were because the cell phone's lens was too small which make the rooms look small. When I saw the pictures, I said thanks but no thanks.

The homes in the community were similar to this one.

However, by the grace of God, I left my home key at work and was locked out. My wife would not have been home for 4 more hours. I reluctantly drove 45 miles to see the house and it was everything we wanted. Small community, a great school across from the house and we even found out later that my church was building across from it. They almost lost out on a sure sale because they either do not see the value in using images or because they do not want to spend the small amount of cash to make the sale. In addition to this, they could have cheated us out of years of enjoyment and we would have been trapped in my mother's house for longer than desired. (I actually laughed at this)

Floor plans are just as bad. They do not tell the story of the home and they do not help visualize the buyer's future story. Hire a professional photographer today because you could be literally losing out on millions of dollars and wasting much of your time.

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