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Shoot Through the Rain

What is a creative to do when the conditions to work are less favorable?

As a photographer, I have gotten used to waiting for the perfect moment to take the shot which has made me patient and thoughtful as an artist. I've waited for the perfect weather, smile, position and many other optimum conditions before pressing the shutter.

However, while this level of patience is required most of the time, it can also produce the most damaging effect on your creativity: procrastination.

I was recently contracted to photograph a series of homes and as any good photographer would, I checked the weather and noticed that it was supposed to rain for the next three days. This presents a problem because as a Houston real estate photographer, my clients expect a 24-hour turnaround.

So what do you do in this situation?

You shoot anyways and find a way to maximize your creativity. In this particular situation, I already decided to replace the sky even before I headed to the home. This was especially easy since I used Machen's Luminar to replace the blown-out sky with the one you see above. The below is the image before I replaced the background in Luminar. This took all of five minutes but it could not have happened if I did not take the first step.

Finally, you will never be great if you are always waiting for the perfect moment and for the stars to align. Make your own stars align and start immediately.

Processed with: Skylum Luminar:

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